Consumption of child abuse material prevention

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Search engine companies

The Keyword Hub allows technology companies to share search terms used to find child sexual abuse material (CSAM) with other companies allowing all parties to be better at stopping users seeking CSAM.

Internet Watch Foundation (IWF)

Potential perpetrators

An automated device that detects potential offenders and refers them to support (e.g. self-help programmes) through the Lucy Faithfull Foundation.


Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) platforms

Thorn runs the country’s most extensive online deterrence program, communicating directly with people searching for CSAM, disrupting their sense of anonymity and encouraging them to seek help. By suggesting help resources, we aim to change behavior and increase accountability. We are constantly testing messaging, identifying the best tactics to reach and persuade specific sub-groups, and capturing aggregate data to inform future research.

Suojellaan Lapsia Ry

Potential perpetrators

ReDirection is a self-help programme that works to prevent the consumption of CSAM on the Dark Web, which builds on the Finnish government’s accredited New Direction rehabilitation programme for sex offenders. The project will also reveal new information about these searchers and their pathways to CSAM access and use by providing targeted support for these individuals.

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