Global Emancipation Network grants Minerva access to organizations with valid counter-trafficking missions in order to host and explore millions of trafficking-related data records and use customized search, alerting, geo-location and other platform capabilities. Using Splunk Enterprise and third-party integrated technologies, Minerva protects case-sensitive information and monitors usage patterns to help keep user information private, safe and secure. Leading public, private and nonprofit organizations have already been accepted to the platform as early users. Minerva is equipped with data-processing capabilities to extract and organize information from a variety of data sources. Capabilities include: Advertisement analysis: Analyzes advertisements from the deep and open web, where most trafficking cases originate, and extracts data such as user, location, account and other identifying information. Image processing tools: Processes images of victims to reduce the time users spend analyzing photographs and manually linking them to advertisements. Minerva integrates image analysis tools to tag photographs with characteristics to expedite database search, and reverse image search to identify similar images. Text analysis tools and natural language processing: Extracts text in images from advertisements and flags correlations with missing persons reports and other valuable information. Multi-tenant system informing trend analysis: Allows all Minerva users to store their information securely on the same database at the same time, enabling secure, multi-agency collaboration on shared investigations.
Global Emancipation Network
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Sep 14, 2021 8:09 AM
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