BlueBear Lace

LACE enables investigators to extract more visual data and efficiently categorize vast amounts of image and video data from confiscated devices using zero false positive visual matching, dramatically reducing (typical 90% case reduction) the time and resources required to bring a case to court. LACE is compatible with international standards for sharing metadata and hash signatures like ICSE, ProjectVic md UK-CAID. LACE Standalone Carver is software used for carving pictures and videos from any digital forensically sound manner. The LACE FORENSIC CARVER recognizes over 180 file types covering image, video, text documents, archive, and database files. Using this light tool, forensic experts will be able to extract evidence and import it using the JSON standard in to all the various tools they choose to use to analyse and review the evidence.
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Law enforcement
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Sep 10, 2021 8:36 AM
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