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Stella Polaris is the World Childhood Foundation’s AI-hub. We exist to coordinate, encourage, and intensify AI-related initiatives to fight child sexual abuse.

Digital Tools Database

For those interested in developing or using various AI tools, our tool database "Digital Tools Combatting Child Sexual Abuse" is available. The database contains more than 90 different AI tools used to combat child sexual abuse. Our tools are carefully selected and reviewed before being put into the database. Our criteria for including a tool in the database are:

  • The tool should be able to be used to prevent or combat child sexual abuse, or alternatively provide support after abuse has occurred.
  • The tool should be of a digital nature, such as an application, platform or database.
  • The tool should contain a reasonably advanced technical component, which should add something to the tool.
    • Examples of reasonably advanced or advanced technical components: AI classifying images, search engines, simple prioritisation algorithms, databases with hash lists, a chatbot whose responses are generated by machine learning models.

Furthermore, all resources in the digital tools database have been labeled as to what their purpose is, what technology they employ, and in which crime phase they can be used. The sub-categories of these labels can all be found in the database. They can also be sorted based on a specific category or label.

The digital tools database can be a valuable resource for developers of AI who are interested in creating tools to combat child sexual abuse. By reviewing the different tools already available in the database, developers can gain insights into the types of AI techniques and technologies that are being used successfully in this field. They can also use the database to identify potential gaps or areas where existing tools could be improved or augmented with additional features. In addition, the detailed labelling and categorization of the resources in the database can help developers to quickly find tools that meet their specific needs and criteria, which can save time and effort in the development process. Overall, the digital tools database provides a valuable starting point and reference for developers who are interested in using AI to combat child sexual abuse, as well as a platform for collaboration and sharing of ideas and resources within this community.

Digital Tools Combating Child Sexual AbuseDigital Tools Combating Child Sexual Abuse

Reports Database

The reports database contains a collection of reports and research related to child sexual abuse with a focus on technology and the internet. There is one database for scientific research and academic papers as well as a database of reports produced by us at Childhood. Both databases can help AI developers to gain a deeper understanding of the problem of child sexual abuse, its causes, and its impact on victims and society as a whole. This understanding can help inform the development of AI tools that are better targeted to address the specific needs and challenges of this problem.

The reports database can also provide valuable insights into the ways perpetrators use technology and the internet to perpetrate their crimes. It can also provide data and information that AI developers can use, including to train and validate machine learning models.

Overall, the reports database can provide a valuable resource for AI developers who are working to combat this serious problem. By leveraging this knowledge, AI developers can develop more effective tools that can help prevent and respond to child sexual abuse and ultimately contribute to making the internet and society safer for all.

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What Can Stella Polaris do for My Organization?

Stella Polaris has a broad network with many different actors both within the children’s rights sector and beyond. We are happy to call on this wide range of competences and experts to help current and prospective AI companies. Additionally, we organize lectures and seminars on the intersection between AI and children’s rights where we share our insights and knowledge.

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